A community of creatives across art & entrepreneurship

57 is a community that comes together to celebrate creativity across art and entrepreneurship.

We gather to share, inspire, and facilitate meaningful connections through experiences that build and deepen local community in hopes of pushing culture forward and making a positive contribution to the world. 


Our gatherings are guided by four pillars: creativity, connectedness, contribution, & culture—and are a collective effort from everyone involved to create shared experiences that transform and delight. Learn more here.  


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We have 5 event series: 


• Family Dinners - a 50 person seated dinner connecting friends new and old 


• Circadian Rhythms - our all-night celebration of music and dance 


• FAM - a fireside chat and salon for friends and creatives in film, fashion, art, music, & media 


• Founders, Funders & Friends - a fireside chat and mixer for entrepreneurs, investors, & friends 


• Flow Motion - a celebration of wellness featuring different practitioners each month 


🎙 Announcing 57's Podcast Series FAM & FFF! 


New episodes drop monthly so please follow & subscribe to each of them here! 


FAM - our monthly artist salon for friends in Film, Fashion, Art, Music & Media 


Founders, Funders & Friends - our monthly mixer celebrating entrepreneurship